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Metaphysical meaning of Shihor-libnath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shihor-libnath (mbd)
Shihor-libnath, shi-hôr - lib-nath (Heb.)--blackness made white; turbid made transparent; cloudiness clarified; darkness bleached white.

A boundary of Asher, in Canaan (Josh. 19:26).

Meta. Shihor means black, dark, turbid; Libnath means to be white, to make white, cleanse, purify, clarify, transparent. The former signifies impure and ignorant thoughts and beliefs; the latter, purity and clearness of thought expressing. The two together, Shihor-libnath, the name of a small river on the border of Asher in the land of Canaan, bespeak a purifying current of thought that is doing a cleansing work in the body consciousness.

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