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Metaphysical meaning of Shammua (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shammua (mbd)
Shammua, sham-mu'-å (Heb.)--what is heard; report; rumor; obedience; understanding; reputation; fame; whisper; jeer; mockery; derision.

a Son of Zaccur, the man who was chosen from the tribe of Reuben to help spy out the land of Canaan preparatory to the Israelites' going over to possess it (Num. 13:4). b A son of David (II Sam. 5:14); he is called Shimea in I Chronicles 3:5. c A Levite and a priest (Neh. 11:17; 12:18).

Meta. Common truth; thoughts of man's higher religious state of mind that are attentive and receptive to only such truth as is commonly and widely known and accepted (what is heard, report, fame, obedience). They would tend to make light of and scorn the deep inspirations of Spirit, or anything not generally understood as Truth.

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