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Metaphysical meaning of Zaccur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zaccur (mbd)
Zaccur, zæ'–cur (Heb.)--pricking; piercing; penetrating; calling to mind; remembering; mindful; considering; reflecting; testimony; renown; praise; a male; bearing a male child.

a Father of Shammua, who was the spy chosen from the tribe of Reuben (Num 13:4). b Other Israelites by this name are mentioned in I Chronicles 4:26; 24 :27; 25 :2; Nehemiah 3 :2; 10 :12; 13: 13.

Meta. The action that an idea sets up in entering the consciousness of an individual, producing thought, reflection, due consideration, and bringing forth a positive conclusion (pricking, penetrating, remembering, considering, reflecting, bearing a male child).

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