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Metaphysical meaning of Shallecheth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shallecheth (mbd)
Shallecheth, shal'-le- heth (Heb.)--felling; overthrowing; casting out; thrown down.

A gate of the house of God, in Jerusalem, in David's reign (I Chron. 26:16, "Casting forth," margin).

Meta. The word of denial; putting away out of consciousness that which is not acceptable to it; the casting forth of error by denial (casting out, felling, overthrowing, thrown down).

Shallecheth, the gate at the west of the Temple (west signifying the without), is "at the causeway that goeth up, watch against watch." This symbolizes a raised way or highway that has been built by the individual, by means of true thoughts and words; it leads step by step to higher realms of expression and manifestation in the outer, to the west. Shuppim and Hosah, who were given charge of this gate, bespeak a degree of wisdom in the outer man and a trustful, hopeful spirit that becomes a real haven to him while he is passing through his overcoming experiences.

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