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Metaphysical meaning of Shalishah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shalishah (mbd)
Shalishah (A. V., Shalisha), shal'-i-shah (Heb.)--third; threefold; trinity; triad; triune; triangular.

A land near the hill country of Ephraim that Saul son of Kish passed through while hunting his father's asses (I Sam. 9:4). Baal-shalishah, of II Kings 4:42, was a city in the district of Shalishah.

Meta. The three-dimensional or outer man (third, triangular). Threefold, triad, triune, also denote a trinity; and man is the third in the trinity composed of mind, idea, expression, or God, Christ, man. This man, however, is manifest man in his perfect state, and not sense man subject to corruption, as he so generally appears today. Yet back of even the sense or material man there ever remains the perfect-man idea, which in time will come forth into the fullness of spiritual perfection. The individual will then manifest what he really is in Truth--oneness with God in the divine trinity.

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