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Metaphysical meaning of Baal-shalishah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baal-shalishah (mbd)
Baal-shalishah, ba'-al-shal'-;-shah (Heb.)--lord of Shalishah; place of the triad, lord of the three.

A city in the district of Shalishah (II Kings 4:42).

Meta. A thought center in the individual that exalts the outer man as prince or ruler (lord of Shalishah; Baal is that in man which looks upon outer forms and appearances as real and true, while Shalishah means third, triangular, threefold, triad, trinity). Triangular relates to a triangle, a three-sided figure or something comprising three parts, elements, or the like. Three suggests the trinity, and man is the third in the trinity composed of God, Christ, divine man. This man, however, is manifest man in his perfect state, and not mortal man subject to corruption, as he so generally appears to be today. Baal-shalishah is that in man's consciousness which gives precedence to the outer, the manifest, above the true inner spiritual self (the Christ), and above the one Source of all--God, the Father.

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