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Metaphysical meaning of Serug (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Serug (mbd)
Serug, se'-rug (Heb.)--woven together; interwoven; braided; shoot; branch; tendril; braid; strength.

Son of Reu and father of Nahor, who was the grandfather of Abraham (Gen. 1]:20-23).

Meta. The budding, sprouting, growing, and developing (shoot, tendril) of spiritual seed, or Truth ideas, deep down in the subconsciousness, preparatory to extending the saving work to the body. At the Serug phase of man's unfoldment the work is done mostly in secret, with just a ray of light extending here and there above the horizon of man's conscious comprehension. This spiritual seed is a branch of the one true vine, Christ; by the interweaving of the higher thoughts and impulses that it generates, it is strengthening its hold in the individual to the end that his entire being may be raised to spiritual perfection.

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