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Metaphysical meaning of Rithmah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rithmah (mbd)
Rithmah, rith-mah (Heb.)--bound; made fast, wound about; harnessed; Genista; broom; wild broom; juniper.

A place where the Israelites camped when in the wilderness (Num. 33:18).

Meta. A degree of mind cleansing that results in a revivifying and energizing of the nervous system in the individual who has been wandering about in the wilderness of his undisciplined and confused thoughts, while on his way to a clear understanding and demonstrating of Truth (the Promised Land).

The "juniper" of the desert in which the Children of Israel wandered while on their way to the Promised Land is a bushlike tree belonging to the broom family. Rithmah (meaning broom, juniper) was no doubt so named because of the presence of large quantities of this shrub. There was doubtless no other kind of shelter at Rithmah, as is often the case in the deserts of Arabia, and especially of Sinai. Thus travelers are very thankful for this shelter. Elijah lay under a juniper tree and slept, after his day's journey into the wilderness to escape from Jezebel. A bush or tree represents the nervous system in man, and the juniper or broom here bespeaks a refreshing of the consciousness and organism by means of the cleansing of the thoughts and a renewing of the nervous system.

Discipline enters into the mind cleansing that Rithmah bespeaks, a binding or ceasing to give further expression to the error that is being put away (bound, harnessed).

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