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Metaphysical meaning of Sinai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sinai (mbd)
Sinai, si-nai (Heb.)--cliff; deep ravine; precipitous; sharp; jagged; cleft with ravines.

a A wilderness into which the Israelites came the third month after they left Egypt. b A mount, or chain of mountains, on which Moses received the law (Exod. 19:1-25). The northern part of this chain was called Horeb, and the southern, Sinai.

Meta. The Children of Israel went from Rephidim to Sinai, or Horeb, the mount where God revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush when the first impulse was given Moses to lead his people out of Egypt, and where God later met and talked to Moses, and gave him the Ten Commandments. This mount symbolizes, in us, a high place in consciousness where we come into conscious communion with the Divine.

The wilderness or desert of Sinai signifies the state of consciousness in which we find the exalted place in mind that the mountains called Sinai and Horeb represent. It may seem rugged and thorny to the sense man, but God is there. (See HOREB.)

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