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Metaphysical meaning of Ribai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ribai (mbd)
Ribai, ri-bai (Heb.)--contention; strife; pleading a cause; defending a suit; whom Jehovah defends; Jah contends.

A man of Gibeah of Benjamin, father of Ittai one of David's mighty men (II Sam. 23:29).

Meta. A high spiritual aspiration in the active faith faculty in man (a man of Gibeah of Benjamin). This aspiration pertains to an inner perception (faith--Benjamin--being a perceptive quality of mind) of protection, and of overcoming power through Jehovah, I AM (whom Jehovah defends, Jah contends). There remains in this perception of protection and of overcoming power much of the old error idea of contention, of the necessity for continued entreaty and for resistance and argument in order to gain the fulfillment of that which one has perceived to be true for one. (This is shown by the definitions of the name, contention, strife, pleading a cause, defending a suit, Jah contends.)

We are now coming into the truer understanding that reveals to us that personal contention, strife, and argument are never needed. All that is necessary in overcoming apparent error is to know its unreality, since it is not founded in God, and then to take our stand in Truth --because God is, I AM. Truth is God, and exists eternally; it does not need to fight or strive.

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