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Metaphysical meaning of Gibeah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gibeah (mbd)
Gibeah, ,r;b'-e-ah (Heb.)--a height; as a mountain; a hill; a place on a high hill; an eminence.

a A city in the hill country of Judah (Josh. 15:57). b A city of Benjamin (Judg. 19:12-16). Gibeah of Benjamin was the home of Saul (I Sam. 10:26).

Meta. At the time when Jonathan resolved to go over into the Philistine garrison, Saul was in Gibeah, which is Migron (I Sam. 14:2). Gibeah, meaning a height, an eminence, represents the spiritual aspiration inherent in every desire. Saul, the will, though undisciplined, aspired to high and lofty aims (symbolized by Gibeah).

Judges 19 and 20 tell the debasing story of what happens to the aspiring will when it is given over to sense desire; it sinks to the lowest degree of degradation (Migron--cast down, overthrown) and brings destruction both to the high aspirations and to the man himself.

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