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Metaphysical meaning of Amalekites (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Amalekites (mbd)
Amalekites, am'-a-lek-ites (Heb.)--belonging to Amalek.

Descendants of Amalek, grandson of Esau (Gen. 14:7; I Sam. 15:6-8; 30: 1-18). They are usually called "Amalek."

Meta. The base desires of the individual. To those in spiritual understanding it is clear that the vale (valley dweller) represents that great realm of mind called the subconscious. The Amalekites symbolize the animal forces, appetites, and passions. They are warlike, and are destructive in their nature. They must be cleansed completely out of consciousness by denial (see I Sam. 15).

Disobedience has many forms; the most stubborn is that which absolutely refuses to obey. It stands up for its rights. It tells us that certain things are good for us, that the race has always indulged in them, and that such indulgence is necessary. Such ideas as these are the Amalekites down in the vale. They have become fixed in consciousness and refuse to abdicate. They are not receptive to the illumination of Spirit; they crave self-gratification and are determined to have it. They must be taken up in prayer and denied place in consciousness. If we do not destroy these errors that God commands us to destroy, sooner or later they will obtain command to such an extent that they will endeavor to destroy us. Obedience to the Lord (divine law) insures peace and joy and leads into the paths of pleasantness and abundant prosperity.

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