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Metaphysical meaning of Rabboni (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rabboni (mbd)
Rabboni, rab-bo'-ni (Gk. fr. Heb.) my lord; my master; my teacher; my leader; my chief; my prince.

A title of great honor applied by the Hebrews to their doctors and lawyers--teachers. It was applied by Mary Magdalene to the risen Jesus (John 20:16).

Meta. See RABBI.

In the foregoing text Rabboni refers to the risen Jesus, spiritual I AM in consciousness, as the great demonstrating teacher and ruling power. Teaching of Truth is done most effectively by living Truth and by demonstrating it in one's life; one must realize one's inherent I AM dominion in order to demonstrate fully the good that one is idealizing in mind. Mary used the word Rabboni as a term of endearment, in addition to the respect and honor that were due to Jesus as a great teacher and demonstrator.

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