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Metaphysical meaning of Rab-mag (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rab-mag (mbd)
Rab-mag, rab'-mag (Heb. and Chald.) --prince Magus; chief of the Magi; mighty multitude; high priest; chief priest.

The title of an important officer of the king of Babylon (Jer. 39:3).

Meta. An executive phase of the will ruling in sense confusion (an officer of the king of Babylon), or an active belief in the psychic realm in man as the realm of guidance and power (chief of the Magi, high priest, chief priest).

A magician, metaphysically interpreted, is material thought's trying to counterfeit the working of Spirit. This phase of thought knows nothing of true, spiritual understanding and power, but its field of activity is in the psychic realm and the phenomena of that realm. Thus it falls short of making any real, abiding demonstration, and usually succeeds only in bringing the individual into greater and greater confusion (Babylon).

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