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Metaphysical meaning of Rabbi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rabbi (mbd)
Rabbi, rab'-bi (Heb.)--my great one; my lord; my master; my teacher; my leader; my chief.

a A title of respect and honor applied by the ancient Hebrews to their doctors and teachers. Jesus warned against thus receiving honor from men (Matt. 23:7). b A title given to Jesus, and meaning "Teacher" (John 1:38).

Meta. A guiding, teaching thought in consciousness, of great prominence and influence, and belonging to the understanding faculty in man. One must be watchful that the thoughts belonging to the understanding faculty always recognize the true spiritual source of all wisdom and do not look to human intellectual reasonings for light on the various problems that are ever confronting one. The outer intellectual realm in man ever tends to take to itself the honor that belongs to the spiritual only.

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