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Metaphysical meaning of Priscilla (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Priscilla (mbd)
Priscilla, pris-çil'-lå (Lat.)--diminutive form of Prisca; ancient; old; of former times; little old (woman).

Wife of Aquila, of Pontus and "lately come from Italy." The two were Christians, and tentmakers by trade. Paul abode and worked with them in Corinth (Acts 18:2).

Meta. The feminine or receptive phase of the healing forces of nature that are always at work rebuilding the body and repairing the ravages of ignorant man. Aquila, husband of Priscilla, is the positive phase of these forces. (See AQUILLA.)

Ancient and old, given as the meaning of Priscilla and of Prisca, reveal the fact that these healing forces of nature are very old, in so far as man's idea of time refers to age. They have been present and active since manifest creation began. God has ever been in every atom of His universe as unifying, constructive life, energy, love, intelligence, power, substance, and progressive influence.

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