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Metaphysical meaning of Pildash (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pildash (mbd)
Pildash, pil-dash (Heb.)--flame of fire; consuming flame; devouring ardor; destruction; ruin.

Son of Nahor, Abraham's brother (Gen. 22:22).

Meta. Zeal, ardor (flame of fire), the result of a quickening that has taken place in consciousness. (See NAHOR and MILCAH, the parents of Pildash.) This zeal may use its force either in tearing down old ideas and cells in the organism or in building up the consciousness and body in Truth, according to the degree of light, understanding, that actuates it. Consuming flame, devouring ardor, destruction, ruin, suggest the use of this zeal in a negative or destructive way.

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