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Metaphysical meaning of Philologus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Philologus (mbd)
Philologus, phi-lol'-o-gus (Gk.)--lover of the word; lover of speech; erudite; learned; fond of talk; talkative; argumentative.

A Roman Christian to whom Paul sent salutation (Rom. 16:15).

Meta. The tendency of the intellectual thought in one to reason things out and to argue, even after one has been spiritually quickened and awakened in some degree. The intellect loves and holds to the outer expression of ideas in words rather than to the inner ideas themselves, and to their source: Spirit (lover of the word, lover of speech, erudite, learned, talkative, argumentative, a Roman Christian, Rome referring to the head and the will, and a Christian referring to a thought awakened to the Christ Truth).

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