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Metaphysical meaning of Pekah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pekah (mbd)
Pekah, pe'-kah (Heb.)--o pen-eyed; seeing; perceiving; watchful; restored to sight.

Son of Remaliah and captain for Pekahiah, king of Israel. He conspired against the king, killed him, and became king in his stead (II Kings 15:25, 2730).

Meta. The executive power of the will (captain of the king's army), very observant and attentive (open-eyed, watchful), but in an intellectual or outer reasoning way rather than in true spiritual understanding. Therefore it sees the evil in the will that is ruling in personal willfulness and ignorance (the wicked King Pekahiah) and seeks to put the evil away by violently destroying the function through which it is expressing (Pekah killed the king, in Samaria. Samaria means watch mountain, and signifies the objective consciousness as functioning through the head.) He also killed Argob and Arieh, who had helped kill Pekahiah, which shows that in violently opposing anything, even that which appears to be evil, one is sure to hinder the expression of much that is good also. (See ARGOB, ARIEH, and GILEAD.) Violence, being evil itself, must come to an end, and it will in time bring into deep trouble, even to the disintegration of soul and body, those who persist in holding to it and expressing it.

The lesson here is that we need to be watchful of good rather than of apparent error, and must seek always to overcome evil with good. Since we grow to be like that which we behold, that on which we keep our mind centered, we should by all means magnify only the good in our thoughts and in our life by seeing and thinking about it, both as relating to ourselves and to other persons. We should deny error appearances whenever they present themselves to our vision, then cease to give them our further attention, by turning persistently to the good.

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