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Metaphysical meaning of Arieh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Arieh (mbd)
Arieh, a-rl'-eh (Heb.)--lion; the lion; strength; valor; fierceness; cruelty.

A prince in Israel who was slain with King Pekahiah (II Kings 15:25).

Meta. A bold, courageous, conquering phase (lion) of the ruling power of the outer consciousness pertaining to Israel (the religious thoughts struggling toward perfection, of which not all are spiritual) . The will has its origin in Spirit. It is a spiritual faculty, even though it is often directed by intellectual reasonings and by sense desires instead of true spiritual understanding. (King Pekahiah represents the will. He was a king of Israel and was a wicked ruler. Arieh, who was killed with the king, also must have been in error.) While the thoughts and states of consciousness that the Israelites and Jews signify have their inception in Truth, yet in their expression some of them seem far from spiritual, because of their having been influenced by adverse and untrue thoughts from the carnal mind.

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