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Metaphysical meaning of Palal (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Palal (mbd)
Palal, pa'-lal (Heb.)--evening out; judging; coloring; thinking; supposing; interceding; praying; a judge; an umpire- a referee- mediator.

Son of Uzai, one who helped to rebuild Jerusalem's wall (Neh. 3:25).

Meta. We look upon a thinking person as one who is reasonable, rational, capable of viewing a matter from every angle, or from several angles at least, and can therefore form a fairly just and unbiased opinion. Palal (an Israelite who returned from the Babylonian captivity and helped to rebuild Jerusalem's wall, and meaning evening out, judging, a judge, thinking) signifies a thought in the higher religious nature of man that is established in good judgment. This would make it a positive, upbuilding element in the consciousness and the organism of the individual (the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem refers metaphysically to the rebuilding and transmuting of the soul and the body of man from personal, corruptible expression to that which is spiritual and immortal).

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