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Metaphysical meaning of Ophir (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ophir (mbd)
Ophir, o'-phir (Heb.)--a final state fulfillment of an elementary principle; purity; nobility; riches; refined gold; pure gold; gold coast; land of gold; ashes; baseness.

a Son of Joktan. The descendants of the sons of Joktan are supposed to have been Arab tribes (Gen. 10:29). b A land or district that was noted for its fine, pure, and abundant gold (I Kings 9:28; Job 22:24; Psalms 45:9 Isa. 13:12).

Meta. That which remains after the deeper purification by fire has taken place (a final state, fulfillment of an elementary principle--the principle here being fire; see Malachi 3:1-3 and Matthew 3:11, 12). By this purifying action of the Christ Spirit, of the fire baptism, all that is true (pure gold) is refined, purified, and elevated to its rightful place in the kingdom, while the dross, or error, of the carnal, adverse mind is reduced to dust and ashes.

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