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Metaphysical meaning of Ophel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ophel (mbd)
Ophel, o'-phel (Heb.)--tumulus; protuberance; hill; mound; inflated; presumptuous; proud; elated; elevated place, high place.

A high place in Jerusalem, in the eastern part of the city (II Chron. 27:3), where the Nethinim dwelt (Neh. 3:26, 27). See II Kings 5:24 with marginal note, also.

Meta. A lifting up of man's thought about himself. This may be a true elevating and building of his whole being into a more abiding and spiritual manifestation, or it may refer to a lifting up in pride because of one's seeming spiritual attainments (tumulus, protuberance, inflated, presumptuous, proud, elated, elevated place, high place; a swelling always denotes pride, and that which the Nethinim represent is not deeply established in Truth; see NETHINIM). One must be truly spiritual in order to stay humble in the midst of great achievement, success, and attainment.

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