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Metaphysical meaning of Malachi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Malachi (mbd)
Malachi, mal'-a-chi (Heb.)--one sent of Jehovah; messenger of Jehovah; angel of Jehovah; angel of the Lord; prophet of Jah; minister; servant.

The last of the minor prophets. Nothing is really known of him aside from his writings, but it is thought that he lived in the time of Nehemiah (Mal. 1:1).

Meta. The voice of conscience in man calls his attention to his shortcomings and encourages him to do right. Conscience is symbolized by Malachi ("my messenger," margin of Mal. 1:1).

All real lasting wealth and happiness are based on unity with God. Malachi will tell you this, or you can prove it for yourself after you have spent years in material experiences.

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