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Metaphysical meaning of Onan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Onan (mbd)
Onan, o'-nan (Heb.)--able-bodied strong; stout; virile; vigorous; substantiated; wealthy; luminous; bright.

Son of Judah by the daughter of Shua a Canaanite (Gen. 38:4).

Meta. The significance of Onan is virtually the same as that of Onam which see. While this thought is of a higher nature than that of Onam the Horite (Onan was a son of Judah), yet it is not spiritual but is of the intellect. It is influenced too, by lower, carnal soul emotions and tendencies (Onan's mother was a Canaanitish woman); therefore it is liable to bring about inharmony and error, because of the misdirection of energy. Yet in itself it is good and if directed by spiritual understanding yields great blessing.

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