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Metaphysical meaning of On (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of On (mbd)
On, on (Heb. fr. Egypt.)--Beth-shemesh; Heliopolis; city of the sun; embodiment of light; luminous corporeityradiating brilliance; the sun; faculty, ability; strength; power of radiation; wealth; substance.

a A city in Lower Egypt, one of the oldest known cities in the world. It is also called Heliopolis and Beth-shemesh. Heliopolis was devoted to the pure, monotheistic worship of a god that was symbolized in the sun. In its sanctuaries Moses was educated as the foster son of Pharaoh's daughter as a prince and priest of Egypt. Homer, Plato, Pliny, and other sages of the Western world went to this city to obtain initiation into philosophy and cosmic mystery. Joseph's wife was the daughter of Poti-phera, the priest of On (Gen. 41:45). (See Jeremiah 43:13, with margin.) Aven, in Ezekiel 30:17, is said to refer to the city of On in Egypt. b Another On was a eubenite; he was one of those who rebelled against Moses and Aaron; he was destroyed by the earth's opening up and closing over him (Num. 16:1).

Meta. In its purity, One refers to Spirit and to true spiritual understanding, substance, and power. As it appears in our Bible, however, the outer symbol (the sun) is worshiped and the truth back of the symbol has been lost sight of to a great degree. This worshipping of the outer symbol, or form, and looking to the outer for understanding and all good is idolatry and must come to an end. (See BETH--SHEMESH and AVEN.)

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