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Metaphysical meaning of No-amon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of No-amon (mbd)
No-amon, No, or no no-a'-mon (Heb. fr. Egypt.)--measure of Amon; portion or possession of Amon; place of Amon; place of the grand artificer; portion of the master craftsman.

A city of Egypt--Thebes. It was named after the Egyptian god Amon, and was a very large and celebrated city (Jer. 46:25; Nah. 3:8).

Meta. The Egyptian god Amon signifies the darkened belief of carnal man that his inheritance is of the flesh, that his body is material, and that the substance and life that sustain it are material. (See AMON.) No, a very populous and celebrated city of Egypt, was named after the god Amon, and means place or portion of Amon. No signifies the multitude of thoughts in the Egyptian, or darkened, obscure, carnal consciousness of man that go to make up the error belief for which Amon stands, and that give their substance to it.

In its spiritual aspect No-amon refers to God, Spirit, as the creator and builder of the universe (place of the grand artificer, portion of the master craftsman; see AMON also).

Thebes, another name for the Egyptian city of No, or No-amon, is derived from "thebah," which is the word used to designate the ark that Noah built, and in which he and his family were preserved (see ARK for its significance).

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