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Metaphysical meaning of Nahshon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nahshon (mbd)
Nahshon (in A.V., Exodus 6:23, Naashon; Matthew 1:4 and Luke 3:32, Naasson), näh'-shon (Heb.)--hisser; whisperer; enchanter; incantator; oracle; diviner; prophet; seer; prognosticator; witch; brazen serpent.

A prince of the children of Judah, and son of Amminadab. Boaz was his grandson (Num. 1:7; I Chron. 2:10).

Meta. The reception of divine wisdom and knowledge (oracle) into individual consciousness, and the imparting of this new light to man's true religious thoughts (Israelites). At this stage of the unfoldment of the individual there is still a superstitious belief in magic, as is evidenced by enchanter, whisperer, witch, definitions of Nahshon. We are learning, however, that there is a prophet, a seer, in each of us, a Nahshon, who knows the natural outcome of our thought tendencies and so can foretell clearly what we are bringing to ourselves. Thus we can be shown whither error thought activities lead and can overcome them and replace them with the good and the true, so that our reaping may become all good (good being God's will for us).

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