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Metaphysical meaning of Nahbi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nahbi (mbd)
Nahbi, näh'-bi (Heb.)--covered; veiled; hidden; concealed; secret; secreted; protected; Jah is protection.

Son of Vophsi, of the Israelitish tribe of Naphtali. He was one of the twelve men that Moses sent to spy out the land of Canaan, preparatory to the Israelites' going over and taking it (Num. 13:14).

Meta. A hidden, secret, innate belief in vigor and strength (a man of Naphtali, Naphtali referring to the strength faculty) and protection (Jah is protection) as man's birthright. This belief has its foundation in Truth, but at this stage of the unfoldment of the individual too many outer thoughts of fear and too great a belief in a power of evil as opposed to the good are expressing throughout even his truer ideals (Israelites). Therefore although this Nahbi thought sees the desirability of the Promised Land (eternal life and unlimited strength and youth) it does not believe that man is able now to make this attainment. (Nahbi was one of the spies who brought back a false report of the land; that is, he saw the goodliness of the land, but also saw the "giants" of seeming evil who lived there. And so he feared; he did not believe that the Israelites were able to go and overcome these giants and possess the land.)

Nahbi was very much like some of our higher thought people of today who see the possibility of lifting up and spiritualizing the whole man, even the body, but wish to put off the work until some future incarnation; they think the task too great and hard to be attempted at this time. We know, however, that now is the accepted time and today is our day of salvation. Let us therefore not harden our heart as these Israelites did, and so fail to enter into God's rest, the Land of Promise. Let us not permit our body to fall in the wilderness.

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