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Metaphysical meaning of Naboth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Naboth (mbd)
Naboth, na'-both (Heb.)--prominence; distinction; height; sprouting; flourishing; germinating; putting forth; produce; fruit; increase; words; utterances; prophecies; proverbs.

A Jezreelite, whose vineyard in Jezreel was coveted by Ahab, king of Samaria, and who was murdered at the instigation of Ahab's wife, Jezebel, that Ahab might possess the vineyard (I Kings 21:1-19). Naboth's murder was duly avenged by Jehovah, meaning here the divine law (II Kings 9:26).

Meta. A word of Truth belonging to that in consciousness for which Jezreel stands (see JEZREEL), and pertaining to great increase; one that brings forth ideas of life and substance in abundance (fruit, produce, prophecies, words). This word of Truth has become so highly and widely recognized in consciousness (prominence, distinction), it is so elevated in its character, and its expressions and manifestations lie so near the domain of the will (the vineyard of Naboth that Ahab coveted was right beside the king's palace), that they have come to the notice of King Ahab, here representing the will dominated by covetousness. (See AHAB.) The will, in order to lay hold of this life and substance of pirit for its own selfish use, denies the word of Truth back of them out of consciousness (Naboth was stoned to death under false pretenses).

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