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Metaphysical meaning of Nabal (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nabal (mbd)
Nabal, na'-bal (Heb.)--empty; vain; stupid; foolish; abandoned; wicked; ungodly; an empty skin; a leather water bottle; carcass; a corpse.

A wealthy man of Maon whose possessions were in Carmel. He refused to give assistance to David and his young men, when David was in hiding from Saul; a few days later Nabal died, having been smitten by Jehovah, according to the text, and Abigail his wife became the wife of David (I Sam. 25:2-42).

Meta. Maon, the home of Nabal, indicates a consciousness of abidingness, stability, or continuity. Carmel. where Nabal's possessions were, means a garden, a fruitful place, and refers to the center of spirituality in man, the garden of God, thoughts of great abundance of all good. Abigail, the wife of Nabal, symbolizes joy, cause or source of delight. She "was of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance." Nabal, however, we are told, "was churlish and evil in his doings" (I Sam. 25:3). His name means empty, vain, foolish, stupid, wicked. He bespeaks an adverse thought --selfish, gluttonous, caring nothing for higher or spiritual things, and void of good judgment--that at this time is seemingly in possession of much of the good and beautiful of the soul and spirit, and is using this abundant good for its own selfish ends, for the gratifying of the fleshly appetites and desires (see 36th verse). But this thought is cast out by the joy and purity of soul, the good judgment and understanding, that Abigail represents, and by the love that David stands for in consciousness. Abigail intuitively discerns the Truth, and defends and helps David, the love that is at this time struggling for its existence and is destined to rule. She is rewarded by a union with David: joy and beauty and good understanding are unified with love.

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