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Metaphysical meaning of Nacon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nacon (mbd)
Nacon (A.V., Nachon), na'-con (Heb.) --arranged; set in order; prepared; made ready; established; sure; beaten down; smitten; afflicted; stricken.

At the threshing floor of Nacon (it is not certain whether Nacon was the name of the man who owned the floor, or the name of the floor itself) Uzzah died because of putting forth his hand to touch the Ark of God to steady it when the oxen stumbled (II Sam. 6:6).

Meta. The threshing floor of Nacon represents a place in which destruction rules. Nacon symbolizes that which has, been prepared for destruction (made ready, established, beaten down, smitten), and the symbology is further strengthened by reference to the threshing floor.

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