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Metaphysical meaning of Minni (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Minni (mbd)
Minni, min'-ni (Heb.)--divided out; numbered; reckoned; meted; allotted; appointed; proceeding; issuing; emanating; source; origin; fate; fortune; destiny.

Probably a part of Armenia. Jeremiah prophesied that the kingdom of Minni was to fight against Babylon (Jer. 51:27).

Meta. A day of reckoning, a period of judgment, for sense confusion (Babylon). The time always comes when one's thoughts and activities are taken into account, as it were, and one reaps according to that which one has sown. In fact man is every day reaping some of his past sowing, be it good or ill. Being unawakened spiritually, he is likely to look on his experiences, or reaping, as the working of fate, destiny. The truth, however, is that he makes his own life what he wills.

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