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Metaphysical meaning of Mikneiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mikneiah (mbd)
Mikneiah, mik-ne'-iah (Heb.) founded in Jah; creation of Jehovah; conceived of Jah; begotten by Jehovah; acquired of Jah; Jehovah's purchase; possession of Jah.

A musician appointed by David, one who played the harp (I Chron. 15:18, 21).

Meta. That which is founded in Jehovah, that which is conceived in man and brought to light in his consciousness, made active in his life, by his higher, divine self--Jehovah, Christ, I AM, the Father. It may refer to spiritual understanding or to any of the other divine qualities. Mikneiah, as a musician appointed by David, stands for the activity in consciousness of a positive, harmonious love ideal that is in perfect accord with Truth (possession of Jah).

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