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Metaphysical meaning of Migdol (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Migdol (mbd)
Migdol, mig'-dol (Heb.)--bound together; strength; force; greatness; magnitude; elevation; great height; tower; watchtower, elevated stage; pulpit.

A place near which the Children of Israel camped before they crossed the Red Sea on their way out of Egypt (Exod. 14:2). In Jeremiah 44:1 and 46:14 Migdol is mentioned as a city of Egypt.

Meta. The consciousness unified, in degree at least, built up, strengthened, and fortified in the idea of power."Thy neck is like the tower of DavidBuilded for an armory.Whereon there hang a thousand bucklersAll the shields of the mighty men."

The power center in man is in the throat. Migdol's being a city of Egypt where the Israelites camped while on their way out of Egypt shows that this consciousness of power here is seemingly of the carnal in man, yet is related to the freeing of his higher and more spiritual thoughts (Israelites).

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