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Metaphysical meaning of Migron (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Migron (mbd)
Migron, mig'-ron (Heb.)--cast down; overthrown; delivered; precipice; precipitate; fallen; landslide; level area.

"Saul abode in the uttermost part of Gibeah under the pomegranate-tree which is in Migron," when Jonathan and his armor-bearer went over into the camp of the Philistines and put them to rout (I Sam. 14:2; see Isaiah 10:28 also).

Meta. Gibeah (a height, an eminence) signifies the spiritual aspiration inherent in every desire. Migron (cast down, overthrown, fallen, landslide) denotes the dangers that lie in receiving high spiritual inspirations and then giving them over to the command and direction of the uncultivated, selfish, personal will (Saul). Judges 19 and 20 tell the story of the debasement that results when the aspiring will and thought are given over to sense desire; it thus falls, or slips (Migron) to the lowest degree of degradation and brings about destruction both to the high aspirations and to the man himself.

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