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Metaphysical meaning of Migdal-gad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Migdal-gad (mbd)
Migdal-gad, mig'-dal-gad (Heb.)--tower of Gad; strength of Gad; who is bound by fortune; elevation of Gad; troop tower.

A city in the lowland of Judah (Josh. 5:37)

Meta. Gad means fortune, seer, troop. "Let the horseman, Gad, be blest" (Deut. 33:20, Fenton translation). "Blessed be he that enlargeth Gad"--so runs the text in the American Standard Version. Blessed is he who enters into a greater power consciousness--Gad refers to the faculty of power in man, the power that results from organization (troop), an orderly consciousness. We also see in Gad a thought of understanding (seer) and abundance (fortune). Migdal-gad, therefore (meaning tower of Gad, strength of Gad, troop tower, who is bound by fortune, elevation of Gad, and being a city in the lowland of Judah), would indicate a group of thoughts in the subconsciousness of the individual

that is lifted up and fortified in power, substance, and clear vision.

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