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Metaphysical meaning of Mezobaite (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mezobaite (mbd)
Mezobaite (A.V., Mesobaite), me-zo'-ba-ite (Heb.)--station of Jah, i. e., where He stands- the Lord's standing place; monument of Jehovah; pillar of Jah.

A title given to Jaasiel. There is nothing known of any place from which this name could be taken (I Chron. 11:47).

Meta. Jaasiel signifies the illumined reason or intellect (Abner, father of Jaasiel) awakening to the truth that God, Spirit, Divine Mind, is the source of all intelligence, of all true understanding, and is also the creator or maker (from definitions of Jaasiel) of the universe; that, separated from Spirit, nothing (man included) could come into being or could stay in existence for a moment. This understanding of God as omnipresent Spirit--life, substance, and intelligence in whom and by whom all things exist is the Lord's standing place (Mezobaite) in individual consciousness. It is the foundation truth in which Jehovah and man find a common meeting place.

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