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Metaphysical meaning of Me-zahab (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Me-zahab (mbd)
Me-zahab, me-z'-hab (Heb.) water of gold; universal manifestation of light's glory; water of the golden light; water of purity; water of the sun, i. e., light radiations; emanations of the shining one.

An Edomite. Father of Matred, who was the mother of Mehetabel wife of Hadar, a king of Edom (Gen. 36:39).

Meta. A wisdom that, though expressing through the outer, earthly phase of man's consciousness (Me-zahab was an Edomite, and the Edomites refer to the physical in man), yet is of, or emanates from, the one light or sun, the Spirit of God--divine intelligence. This wisdom that Me-zahab signifies, while it is emanations of the shining one--God, is somewhat negative here in its expression by the outer man, as is suggested by "water," water of gold. (See MATRED.)

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