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Metaphysical meaning of Messiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Messiah (mbd)
Messiah (A.V., Messias), mes-si'-ah (Heb.)--anointed; consecrated by unction; constituted; appointed; consecrated; dedicated.

The Hebrew equivalent for the Greek Christos, and referring in John 1:41; 4:25, 26 to Jesus Christ. The priests and kings of ancient Israel, and whoever and whatever were set apart for God's service, were anointed, under the old Jewish customs, and called the anointed of the Lord; but the word Messiah, anointed, has always referred especially to the advent of the Christ, that had been expected for ages. In Daniel 9:25, 26, where "the anointed one" is given in the American Standard Version, "the Messiah" (25th verse) or "Messiah" (26th verse) is given in the Authorized Version.

Meta. Set apart, consecrated, baptized of the Holy Spirit, illuminated, enlightened, endowed with a special mission. (See CHRIST, and JESUS CHRIST, for a fuller comprehension of the Messiah as referring to the Christ--the Savior of the world.)

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