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Metaphysical meaning of Hermes (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hermes (mbd)
Hermes, her'-mes (Gk.)--Mercury; swift messenger of the gods; guide of the soul; interpreter; a cairn; monument, signpost.

A Christian friend of Paul's at Rome, to whom Paul sent salutation in his epistle (Rom. 16:14).

Meta. Same as Hermas; the ability of the spiritually awakened intellect in man to interpret the Christ Truth. Hermes, the Greek Mercury, was the Mercurius of the Romans, and was believed by them to be the messenger of the gods, adroit of action and ready of speech. He was also supposed to be the attendant of Jupiter when he appeared on earth. Thus we can see why the inhabitants of Lystra (Acts 14:12), when they, in their limited understanding, believed that the gods had visited them in the likeness of men, discovered Hermes in Paul, because he was the chief speaker and accompanied Barnabas, who they thought was Jupiter.

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