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Metaphysical meaning of Memphis (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Memphis (mbd)
Memphis (in A.V., Isaiah 19:13 and Jeremiah 2:16, Noph), mem'-phis (fr. Egypt.)--Moph or Noph from Ma-m-phtah; place of Vulcan; temple of the good god, i. e., Osiris; place of the good; abode of the good; gate of the blessed ones.

An ancient city of Egypt (Hos. 9:6); the capital of a portion of that country.

Meta. Egypt represents the depths of the body consciousness, subjective mind. We have looked upon Egypt as a darkened, ignorant, and very material phase of our being. Physically Egypt refers to the obscured vitality of the organism. It represents, too, a combination of substance and life in the body consciousness. Substance and life are essential to the rounding out of man's perfection. A union of life and substance with imagination (Joseph), spiritual I AM (Jacob), and true thoughts (Joseph's brothers) takes away much of the seeming obscurity of this hidden realm (Egypt) and is very essential to the well-being of even our spiritual faculties. Without substance and life the higher faculties come to want--there is a famine in their land. And so, at the heart of this Egypt, or seemingly darkened and obscure phase of our organism, we find an abiding place of good (Memphis, abode of the good). In reality this place of substance and life is good; man cannot get along without it. It leads to great blessings when understood and rightly appropriated and used (gate of the blessed ones). When Jesus was a babe His parents took Him down into Egypt to preserve His life from the destructive Herod.

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