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Metaphysical meaning of Mahli (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mahli (mbd)
Mahli (A. V., Mahali), mäh'-li (Heb.)--smooth; pleasing; caressing; sweet; mild; worn; weak; infirm; sickly; diseased; pining.

Son of Merari, who was one of Levi's sons (Exod. 6:19).

Meta. A negative, drooping, pining, sickly thought in consciousness, which is the result of the bitter, excited state of mind that Merari, father of Mahli, signifies.

(Merari was a son of Levi, and Levi was the son of Jacob that represents the love faculty in man. That which Merari and Mahli signify is the result of the mistaken ideas that many persons hold regarding love. While they think that love is pleasing and sweet, they also think that it is a negative quality, altogether lacking in power, strength, energy, the positive forces that give man overcoming ability. Love, when directed by the selfishness of the personal man, brings bitterness or lack of poise and harmony into one's experiences, instead of the abiding peace, strength, courage, fearlessness, and good that are always the result of true love's expressing in consciousness.)

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