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Metaphysical meaning of Mahlah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mahlah (mbd)
Mahlah (in A. V., I Chronicles 7:18 Mahalah), mäh'-lah (Heb.)--polished, smoothness; sweet; pleasing; caressing; mildness; worn down; wasted; infirmity; disease; sickness; hurtful; deadly.

a Daughter of Zelophehad the son of Hepher, of the tribe of Manasseh (Num. 26:33). b A child of Hammolecheth sister of Gilead, of the tribe of Manasseh (I Chron. 7:18).

Meta. Zelophehad, father of one of the persons named Mahlah, means firstborn, first fracture, while Hammolecheth, mother of the other Mahlah, means the queen and signifies the soul lifted up by spiritual thought.

Mahlah is the child, or result, of the illumined soul (Hammolecheth) combined with the rather negative thought (Zelophehad) that at this stage of individual unfoldment still finds place in the consciousness. This result is twofold in its nature: it expresses in error and inharmony (disease, infirmity), which often come from negativeness, and in the harmony and the healing (sweet, pleasing, mildness) that radiate from the spiritually illumined soul. One in this state is continually having error experiences, and being delivered from them. In order that one may abide in wholeness and peace, fear must be eliminated entirely and the mind must be established in spiritual understanding.

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