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Metaphysical meaning of lepers (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of lepers (mbd)

Meta. The "ten men that were lepers" (Luke 17:12-19) typify the impure relation of life activities in one who has by his error thoughts about life separated his life expressions from the one Source of life. Leprosy here symbolizes substance so separated from the great central life Source that it has lost its vitality (stands afar off).

The life in man finds expression through the avenue of the senses. Unless the senses are redeemed and uplifted there is a tendency to utilize the pure life of God in sense pleasure. A "leprous" or impure condition in the organism is the result.

The "priests" in verse 14 stand for the connecting link between carnal man and God--that point in consciousness where man exalts his thoughts and makes union with the healing power of God.

Everything resolves itself back to "one" as its starting point. All the avenues of expression in man are unified with God when one consciously lives in harmony with divine law. Thanksgiving follows in natural sequence (verse 15).

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