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Metaphysical meaning of Jogli (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jogli (mbd)
Jogli, jog'-h (Heb.)--carrying away; removing; passing over; uncovering; baring; disclosing; migrating; emigrating; exiling; revealing; making naked.

Father of Bukki. Bukki was a prince of the tribe of Dan who was chosen to help divide the land of Canaan among the Children of Israel (Num. 34:22).

Meta. A thought, belonging to the judgment faculty of man (Dan), in transit (passing over) from Egyptian darkness to the wilderness experience--a partial discernment and comprehension of Truth. Jogli's son, Bukki, went on into the Promised Land--the clear light of spiritual understanding, realization, and substance.

Though to the unregenerate soul Egypt represents darkness and mystery, it is the realm of substance and life in the depths of the body consciousness. Much substance was there, and the Israelites who had lived in Egypt for a long period sadly missed this substance when they were wandering about in the wilderness, before coming into the Land of Promise, which flowed with milk and honey. They often felt as if they had been led into exile (exiling) instead of out of it. Even so our highest religious thoughts, which are seeking a clearer consciousness of Truth, sense a lack of substance and reality when they have left the old sense ideas of substance and Truth and have not yet reached an established realization of substance on its higher, more spiritual plane. There is often a great sense of lack in the wilderness experience of the soul (baring, disclosing) when it is being tried and purified and made fit to enter the Promised Land (true spiritual consciousness and bodily redemption). It is while one is in this wilderness experience, this state of transition from the lower plane of consciousness to the higher, that the feeling of being exiled is in evidence.

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