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Metaphysical meaning of Jehoahaz (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jehoahaz (mbd)
Jehoahaz, je-ho'-a-haz (-Heb.)--whom Jehovah upholds; Jah will sustain; whom Jehovah has joined; Jehovah possesses; Jah apprehends; Jehovah sees with the understanding.

a Son of Jehu king of Israel, who succeeded his father on the throne (II Kings 10:35). b Son of Josiah, who succeeded his father on the throne of Judah (II Kings 23:30-34).

Meta. I AM, Jehovah, the indwelling Christ, as the sustaining, controlling, enlightening power of the will (whom Jehovah upholds, Jah will sustain, Jah apprehends, possesses; kings stand for the will).

Both of the kings by the name of Jehoahaz did evil in the sight of God; they were not true to that of which they are typical, and they brought trouble and destruction to themselves. Even so, when we are rebellious and disobedient, when we serve other gods by believing that our strength, our understanding, and our sustaining power are material and are built up and sustained by outer ways and means, we bring ourselves into bondage and trouble. The foundation faculties of our being can become abiding to us only as we understand and acknowledge their spiritual nature.

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