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Metaphysical meaning of Jaziz (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jaziz (mbd)
Jaziz, ja'-ziz (Heb.)--whom He (God) moves; movement; animation; life; abundance; an abundant breast, i. e., overflowing; brightness; brilliance; prominence; splendor.

"The Hagrite," who was over the flocks of King David (I Chron. 27:30).

Meta. A Hagrite is a descendant of Hagar through Ishmael, or a thought belonging to the Hagar and Ishmael consciousness in man. Hagar is the natural soul. Ishmael signifies the thoughts that are the fruit of the personal; they belong to the outer, seemingly mortal man.

The flocks of King David are sheep, and they represent the pure, natural life thoughts and forces of the organism.

Jaziz the Hagrite, who had charge of these flocks, signifies the central thought or belief of the seemingly mortal man regarding life and its activities lifted to its highest and purest phase on the human plane; it is not yet raised to true spiritual understanding, though it recognizes Spirit as being back of all life action (whom He moves; animation; life) and back of all supply for man (abundance; an abundant breast, i. e., overflowing).

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