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Metaphysical meaning of Jazer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jazer (mbd)
Jazer (in A. V., Numbers 21:32, Jaazer), ja'-zer (Heb.)--whom He (God) helps; he will succor; helpful; shielding; aiding; protecting.

A place east of the Jordan that the Israelites took from the Amorites (Num. 21:32). It is mentioned with the land of Gilead (Num. 32:1), and in David's reign some of his Hebronite mighty men of valor were found at Jazer of Gilead (I Chron. 26:31).

Meta. Gilead signifies a high place in consciousness where Spirit discerns and witnesses to Truth and to all of man's thoughts and acts, that perfect adjustment may be made throughout mind and body.

Hebron signifies the front brain, the seat of conscious thought.

Jazer represents the deliverance, strength, and sustenance (help) that come to each individual who consciously lays hold of spiritual Truth.

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