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Metaphysical meaning of Jashobeam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jashobeam (mbd)
Jashobeam, ja-sho'-be-am (Heb.)--to whom the people turn; return of the people; who dwells among the people.

a "The son of a Hachmonite, the chief of the thirty" of David's mighty men (I Chron. 11:11). b A Korahite who came to David at Ziklag (I Chron. 12:6). c The son of Zabdiel, who was over the first course for the first month, in serving King David (I Chron. 27:2).

Meta. Divine intelligence, omnipresent, permeating the thoughts (who dwells among the people) of those who look to the divine source for understanding, and the turning of one's thought people to Spirit for enlightenment (to whom the people turn).

(A Hachmonite signifies a thought belonging to the wisdom center in man; see HACHMONI and HACHMONITE. Zabdiel, the father of one of the men named Jashobeam, means God is my gift, dowry of God.)

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